Pastor’s Page

September 21, 2017

God Will Never Ask for More
Romans 3:23-28

There are a number of ways we react when rightfully accused of wrongdoing. One is to highlight our positive traits and actions. “Officer, I’ve never done it before. Can’t I just get a warning?” A teenager loses television privileges for the evening as a consequence of failing to clean his room. “Aw, Dad, but I mowed the lawn yesterday”. Another reaction is to highlight the failures of others. “Officer, I see people speeding here every day. They never get a ticket!” “Dad, I know kids at school who sell drugs, and you’re going to punish me because my room is a little messy?”

Regarding the first reaction, the expectation is that our good efforts and traits will overshadow and somehow burn off the guilt of our present offense. In the second, our hope is the more egregious offenses of others will make ours seem so paltry as to be overlooked. While these strategies may carry some weight in a family or court of law, they carry none with God Almighty, our Creator. God does not accept extra credit or grade on the curve. He demands absolute, sinless perfection. Anything else is complete failure resulting in eternal damnation.

While trusting our eternal salvation to God may be scary, we realize that there is no safer place. If we trust our works and goodness for salvation, how will we ever be certain they are enough? What Jesus did on the cross for you is more than enough to wash away all sins. Jesus rose from the dead. This is our evidence that God is satisfied with Jesus’ payment. He will never ask for more. Through that faith we receive full forgiveness and an eternal place with our Lord in heaven.

~Pastor Rigdon