Congregational Leadership

The Lay Leadership Council

First Lutheran Church and School utilizes a policy based governance model. The Lay Leadership Council (LLC) is the governing body that reviews, develops, modifies, and approves the policies that we operate the church and school with.  The LLC also makes decisions on behalf of the voters, to which they answer to.

The LLC is made up of the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and at-large members.  All positions are held by voting congregational members, and are elected by the voters for varying terms, all of which carry term limits.  The LLC usually meets once per month.


Current Members

President:            Rick Howard

Vice President:   Dennis Dwyer

Secretary:            Lisa Maciolek

Treasurer:           Marge Murray

At Large:             Sandy Brown

At Large:             Maddie Heise

At Large:             Sue Heller

At Large:             Melvin Maciolek

At Large:             Toni Sawyer

At Large:             Dana Spoolstra

Board of Elders

The Board of Elders concerns itself with the spiritual heath of the congregation and its members.  Elders are elected at voters assemblies by the members of the congregation.  The board strives to nurture and encourage the spiritual growth of members, assists and advices the pastor in matters of worship, and serves as congregational representatives to monitor and advocate for the spiritual and emotional wellbeing of the called staff of the congregation.


Current Members

Doug Carr – Chairman of the Board

Joe DeCresie

Jon Harner

Marcus Howard

Chris Lindau

Dennis Miller

Kurt Popp

Richard Seltzer